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Dental Tours for Russian Tourists and Facts of Dental Tourism

Dental tourism is like a restaurant. You come in, everything is beautiful and shiny, a polite waiter bows, girls at reception smile... They bring your food and it’s oversalted but it could be much worse if you later become poisoned. What if a crisis or other reason makes you go to a foreign country? Let us have a look at the choice amongst post-Soviet countries - dental treatment in the CIS.

The economic crisis has changed the culinary tastes of tourists. Now, instead of squid on the Mediterranean coast many prefer ceramics in Kiev. Thus, in recent years so-called "dental tourism" has been rapidly developing in Russia and other CIS countries. Ukraine is a happy medium in the system of dental tourism. Dental services in Kiev is not as expensive as in Moscow or even in Ryazan and the services are more advanced than in Ashgabat. In Ukraine there are good schools of dentistry in Poltava and Kiev thanks to Mr. Radlinsky and his followers. The demand for this type of travel, according to travel agencies, grows by 30% every month. This tendency can be explained by  the people's desire to save money on medical treatment and prosthetics preferring budget clinics to the Russian ones. It is important to note that quality of treatment can not and does not have to be affected. We can often see the opposite: the person in the province has the money but the quality of services at the local dentist’s is not satisfactory. That is why people from Lugansk, Sevastopol and Hatsapetovka travel to Kiev to get quality dental service.

Dental tourism is new for the CIS market but in the West there is a long tradition and the scheme is effective. Tourists are willing to fly from the U.S. to Mexico and Costa Rica, where dental care is 60-70% cheaper than at home. People from Germany and the UK prefer dentists in Hungary and Poland.

What to choose? How to do it right?

Choose a country.

The country for “dental tourism” is chosen on the Internet or via "word of mouth". The choice of the country depends on:

• The presence of relatives and friends in the unknown country who can give shelter and thus reduce the cost of accommodation.

• Friends can visually assess the clinic where you will be treated and possibly collect feedback from patients.

• Countries with visa-free entry or a simplified regimes are undoubtedly a priority for you.

• Pay attention to the duration of a flight or journey. Sometimes the pursuit of a snow-white smile can cause exacerbation of chronic illnesses. If necessary, consult your doctor.

Choose a clinic.

Try to collect as much information as possible about the clinic on the Internet or from other people. Clinics that provide dental tours simply must have a website! Dedicate some time to the clinic site and apart from photoshop pictures pay attention to the facts:

• Photos of the work before and after. Do not be lazy and search the Internet to make sure that those pictures are not copied from other sites. It is important to determine the source of the pictures as good-quality pictures are also bait for other dentists.

• Pay attention to the duration of treatment, it must be realistic.

• If the pictures show only the schemes, how beautiful and quick the treatment is, you should be concerned.

• Pay attention to the photos of the clinic, they might not be beautiful or professional looking but should give an idea about the clinic as a whole.

• Photos of the dentists - people should look pleasant, the human factor should not be excluded.

• Site as a whole should contain original articles written in simple understandable language.

• Try to write a short letter to the site administrator or ask a question and see how fast the feedback is.

• The clinic should provide a full range of services and it should be confirmed by the real facts: original articles and photos.

• Patients' feedback is a good thing, but sometimes it is not true. After all, the site administrator may remove a bad review or add positive one under a false name.

Feedback about a clinic.

If you know real people who have been on a dental tour, the best thing to do is to ask for their opinion. A person you know will tell you things that you will not otherwise know. If there are no people try to use Internet. Search....

The choice is simple: you act independently, taking responsibility for your actions or you entrust your smile to someone else. This someone has to be a professional....

Dental Travel Agency - the right choice! After all, your main privilege is the ability to choose in each case!!!

Dental tours have many different benefits compared to a visit to a local clinic. There is a short list of some of them. In fact, the list is quite long because in addition to financial benefits, depending on your situation and preferences, and health benefits, this type of holiday brings moral satisfaction for example in learning about cultural traditions.

• A full range of travel and dental services

• Easy booking of a dental tour

• Free consultation

• Ability to plan your trip

• Assistance in preparation of the documents for entry/exit

• Airport pick-up

• No queuing

• High-quality services

• Savings up to 70%

• Unforgettable trip and new experiences

• Caring attitude

• Client-centred approach

• Ability to choose exactly what you need

• Full legal support

Dental tourism is gaining momentum as more and more people around the world are discovering new opportunities. Statistics say that every year an increasing number of residents of the CIS use high-quality dental services abroad.

Within the program of the Dental Travel Agency you can get a full range of prophylaxis so that your next visit will not be soon. Believe me, if you do not spare either effort or expenses on prophylactic treatment you will prevent development of teeth and gum diseases. It is the only way to  maintain the highest standards of dentistry and achieve the optimum condition of your teeth!

Elite dentistry in Russia implies higher prices. It is not always so abroad, especially in Ukraine. As for the lack of time limited by the dates of a dental tour our compatriots are always ahead of the rest. Some tourists manage to remove and replace all 32 teeth (just kidding!) in just 7 days. This is certainly an extreme but you can manage to do a lot during 7 days.

Check it! There is only one impossible thing – to follow two paths at the same time...

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