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Dental Tour for Crowns. Programme. Dental Prosthetics in Ukraine.

Dental tourism in Ukraine is gaining momentum. An absolute leader among requests the Agency receives is for dental prosthetics. All kinds of dental prosthetics are in high demand: metal-ceramic crowns, metal-free ceramic, veneers, lumineers and even crowns on implants.

How can Dental Travel Agency arrange a dental tour to Ukraine?

We will look at a dental tour using the example of our patient Olga (50 years old), who contacted Dental Travel Agency  for dental prosthetics.

Our customer needed 15 metal-ceramic crowns and 6 aesthetic crowns on zirconium oxide carcasses. The patient lives in St. Petersburg, and decided to come to Kiev in order to combine business with pleasure using her 14-day vacation.

Previously the patient consulted the dentist at the clinic, and according to the dentist her teeth were prepared for prosthetics.

Based on the data provided by the patient a preliminary treatment plan was made up, financial calculations agreed, extensive cultural programme prepared and the date of arrival agreed. Communication was conducted through e-mails and Skype.

DAY 1.

14.40 A representative of Dental Travel Agency meets the tourist on the platform and takes her to the booked apartment.

15.20 Olga asked for few hours of rest, so the consultation was scheduled for 18.00.

18.00 Consultation in the dental clinic with three experts: a prosthodontist, a dentist and a periodontist.

During the consultation: periapical x-rays of some teeth were taken, an instrumental examination of the mouth was done. The treatment plan was amended, some changes were made and the financial plan was finally agreed. Apart from the above mentioned crowns the patient asked for a gentle whitening of her 6 lower teeth for which the periodontist recommended vector therapy. She also needed an endodontic treatment of three posterior teeth. Visits to the dental clinic were scheduled.

19.30 The patient has a preventive dental cleaning.

20.30 Light dinner and rest are recommended.

DAY 2.

10.00 Breakfast and transfer to the dental clinic.

11.00 Removal of old metal-ceramic constructions and preparation of temporary constructions. Endodontic treatment of one posterior tooth.

14.00 Lunch in a Georgian restaurant in the countryside.

16.30 Treatment in the dental clinic continues with endodontic treatment of two more posterior teeth.

19.30 A walk along the Dnieper embankment and a light dinner.

DAY 3.

11.00 Breakfast at the apartment and transfer to the dental clinic. Restoration of all damaged teeth.

14.00 Lunch next to the dental clinic followed by rest.

15.00 Continuation of the treatment.

17.00 Planned tooth restoration is successfully completed, excursion to the centre of Kiev. A walk along Khreschatyk, Independence Square, Puppet Theatre, etc., dinner and free time.

DAY 4.

10.00 Breakfast with the representative of Dental Travel Agency, transfer to the dental clinic.

11.00 Meeting with the prosthodontist and a dental technician, taking impressions for permanent crowns and discussion of the shape and colour of the future ceramic constructions. After taking impressions the temporary constructions are put back in place.

Note: Olga did not have a single day without teeth, temporary crowns were made on the first day of treatment.

15.00 Freedom!!! Now she can truly relax! Lunch and a tour to Lavra have been planned.

DAY 5.

10.00 Olga received confirmation from the clinic that the laboratory was still working on the prostheses and a technician had no question about the future constructions. The dentist gave the patient 3 free days. Breakfast and a trip to Pirogovo, walk in the fresh air and learning of some Ukrainian culture.

13.00 Lunch at the Ukrainian restaurant in Pirogovo.

14.30 More walks and free time.

Day 6, 7

7.00 A planned trip to the landscape parks in Alexandria (White Church) and Sofiyivka (Uman). The trip lasts for 2 days with an overnight stay in a hotel on the territory of the Sofiyivka park.

DAY 8.

11.00 Return to Kiev, the patient arrived at the clinic for the appointment. The dentist fitted the prostheses without glaze and the patient was satisfied with the result. Office whitening of six lower teeth, the colour must match the ceramic.

14.00 Olga spends the rest of the weekend in Andreevsky Spusk, has lunch at the Ukrainian restaurant and buys souvenirs for family and friends.

DAY 9.

11.00 The final fitting and work completion, Olga is satisfied with the results, fixing crowns on with a special cement after vector therapy.

14.00 Inspired and happy Olga goes for horse-riding to the stables of Butenko (p. Protsiv).

DAY 10, 11, 12

7.00 Our tourist decided not to waste the rest of her vacation because the tickets were purchased in advance. Olga goes to Kamenets-Podolsky for 3 days. The bus tour includes excursions to the Old Town, Khotyn and Bakota.

The patient has kindly provided us with her pictures taken during excursions.

DAY 13.

11.00 Return to Kiev and check up at the Dental Smile Centre. Olga demonstrates dazzling results.

12.00 Lunch and transfer to the train "Kiev - St. Petersburg." Happy journey!

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