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Asks ali jaafar
Responsible Бедрик Ирина

what is the price of the treatement? because i can come and correct them in your establishement. and how many time must i come for my current situation . ( dentist told me that i don't need that much work) and do you have invisalgn? if yes how much will it be?

Hello Ali!
Sorry for the long silence, we have a lot of patients and we do not have time to respond in a timely manner.
Your clinical situation is really simple and requires a maximum of two visits to the clinic.

Installation of brackets - € 600
Treatment with braces (2-3 visit) - 600 euros
Removing brackets and retention manufacturing machines - 400 Euro

We are also working with the aligners of Invisalign, Order requires one, maximum two visits. During the first visit, removed the prints made models and ordered CVR system. If the teeth do not need any manipulation carried out, then we can send mouthguard straight to you that would immediately begin treatment. Last kappa, the system will hold the result. The cost of the treatment aligners Invisalign 3000-4000 euros, depending on the clinical situation.
There mouthguards OrthoSnap, they are a little cheaper.

Asks ali jaafar
Responsible Бедрик Ирина

dear sir i am in paris france and i would like to know the final price for the braces. I can't come now for reason that i don't want to pay several plane tickets those are my teeth can yo please give me your offer and if it's good i'll take an appointement next week. waiting for your reply tel+33659932632 what are your TOTAL prices of invisalign and metal braces

Good afternoon, Ali! Installation of metal self-ligating braces in our center cost 600 euros. This price includes the dental impression, models, braces installation and initial support. Not included treatment, as correction braces you plan to spend in Paris. Or maybe you have other plans? Please provide more information.

Asks Jóhannes Karlsson
Responsible Бедрик Ирина Алексеевна

I need one tooth; eye tooth under the end of an existing bridge, extracted. A bridge built over it from the existing bridge on to, two other teeth.( 3 or 4 tooth bridge ??) Guess the bridge needs to be cut, the tooth extracted and something temporary placed until the work can be finished on a second visit. best regards...jóhannes

Regards, Jóhannes Karlsson

Hello, Jóhannes Karlsson
Our clinic can perform all dental procedures. Tooth extraction and temporary bridge can be done in one visit. For accurate advice you need to send X-rays.
 Best regards, Iryna Bedryk .

Asks Frank
Responsible Бедрик Ирина Алексеевна

I need 4 crowns. What would be the cost in Ukraine currency?

Regards, Frank

Good day!
At our clinic are many types of crowns:
Metal-ceramic crown
Ceramics on the frame of zirconium oxide
All-ceramic pressed ceramic

What specifically interests you? The preparation of the teeth needed?
Waiting for your reply.

Asks Arne Haga
Responsible Бедрик Ирина Алексеевна

Kharkiv tour. Could i have a change of my upper mouth. Bridge of 12 teeths 3 root Canal , My dentist say they are not mecessary to take out. Would IT be possible to do such within 7 or 10 days. Period from april 10th. Arne Haga ,Norway

Regards, Arne Haga

Hello! Our clinic can perform all the declared work in dentistry ! We are in Kiev , not Kharkov . The clinic operates by appointment only .

Asks Pierre Martinow
Responsible Бедрик Ирина Алексеевна

what are your degree, qualifications, awards and recognitions as a dentist?
please describe the technological status of your equipment, how do you differentiate yourself with other dentists?
please give me more information about your dental practice and your team.

what are your prices (UAH) for:
Dental Implants
Regards, Pierre Martinow

Hello, Pierre Martinow
My name is Irina Bedrik, I'm the chief dentist at Smile Dental Center. I constantly improve their skills in various courses and workshops. I gathered near her small team of experts, whom I trust completely. I think I should not have to prove its superiority over other dentists. The best proof is the 'professional good work and satisfied patients. That is, patients can talk about us and recommend our clinic. And dentists have a very well to do their job. Our clinic is well equipped, and we are constantly investing in the development of the clinic. We are constantly developing intellectually and financially. All prices are in local currency provided on our website  http://www.smile-center.com.ua/ru/price . Of course, pre-need my advice.

Asks Kerry
Responsible Бедрик Ирина Алексеевна

I need #36 and 37 removed, and then implants for #'s 36, 37, 25, 15, and 16. Then I would like Porcelin veneers on #'s 11, 12, 13, 21, 22, 23, 41, 42, 43, 31, 32, 33. I am a 67 year old male in relatively good health.

Hello, Kerry!
All you listed procedures and treatment we can make in terms of our clinic. You want only one clinic visit? Or you can visit the clinic several times? You have a X-rays for more online consultation?

Asks Victor Damski
Responsible Бедрик Ирина Алексеевна

Hi Iryna,
My name is Victor Damski. I am aged 65 and I live in Lowestoft in UK.
I would like to come to Kiev to get implants for my damaged teeth. I saw your advertisement and would like you to give me an approximate cost for 6 implants based on 3 visits to your surgery over 8 months.
I have attached photos of my upper and lower jaw and an x-ray.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kindest regards
Victor Damski

Good day, Victor!

Our clinic specializes in the treatment of complex in the oral cavity. We can never remove the teeth if they can save. X-ray, you are sent a very poor quality, but even it can be considered that not all the teeth need to be removed. Therefore, in our opinion, you do not need to install six implants. Perhaps we can not evaluate the whole situation in the mouth at a distance. There are clinics that are considered the best solution, the removal of all teeth with which they do not want to mess around and installation of artificial implants. But we do not fall into this category. Therefore, you will initially need to decide exactly what you want from a dental treatment. In your case, you need three or four visits, to resolve all dental problems. In the first visit, you first need to delete the teeth that can not be treated. Also in the first visit, you need to clean all the teeth that would have the time of implantation was no infection in the mouth.

The second visit is implantation. As you know, your case requires a more careful approach than just put six implants.
The price for the first implantation step according to the manufacturer ranges from 300 to $ 550 per implant. The second stage of implantation - 250 to $ 400 per implant. Separately paid crowns.
If you fit the policy of our center, then it is possible to advise you in more detail.

Asks Eric Louppe
Responsible Bedrik ira

We have been recently in contact, concerning dental repair in Kiev.

Attached, the panoramic picture of my teeth, as you requested.

I would like to know, if it is possible to get a treatment in "one go", and avoid many travels.
This probably involves full sleep operation.

Remove teeth, keep the good teeth

Repair: add crowns ? add bridges ? heal teeth that can be healed, and whiten the teeth (if possible, also when sleeping)

Kind regards,
Eric Louppe

Good afternoon!

First of all, I want to note that the information you have provided is not sufficient to plan treatment. I need some more photos of the teeth from different angles, including clenched teeth. And, ideally, all CT teeth, i.e. a three-dimensional image. As for the plan of prosthetics, there are doubts that we can do bits as extreme teeth in an extremely poor condition. This is especially true of the lower teeth, next to them a large decline in bone tissue, respectively, they simply can not withstand the load of chewing.

Option 1

If we talk about the most simple, predictable and cheapest option, in which case the recommended dentures. They will save those teeth that are not destroying anything. Here, the only problem - it is a psychological adaptation of the patient.

Removal lower eighths teeth 38 and 48.
Treatment of other teeth (caries treatment)
Removal of dental plaque, whitening.
Making two dentures.
All procedures are performed in a single visit.

Option 2

Installation crowns and bridges - more expensive option, unpredictable, and there are doubts that his turn to perform. Anyway, while I personally do not see a patient I can not guarantee crowns.

On the abutment teeth are set crowns and bridges. Construction completely removable. You may have to treat the root canals in the abutment teeth. At a minimum, the tooth 38 and 48 depulpatsii be due to significant tilting.

Depulpatsiya teeth.
Restoration of teeth for dentures.
Treatment of caries.
Removal of dental plaque, whitening.
Also, all the procedures are performed in a single visit.

Option 3

If we talk about the implant, the procedure is not exactly get done in one visit. Since the conditions for implantation unsatisfactory.

All procedures are performed under local anesthetic. In Ukraine, in private clinics is not practiced general anesthesia. You can offer as an option the use of "laughing cocktail," the patient is conscious, but do not panic, feels confident. But we must understand that the long procedure, the patient is in fact a few days in a chair at the dentist. Not the fact that all these procedures need help anesthesiologist.

Asks Emile Marfouk
Responsible Bedrik Ira

I have sent you pictures of Emile Marfouk
I want to helplessly on my teeth and I want cost km
Please reply at the earliest opportunity

Good day! Unfortunately, you sent low-quality photos, which we can not make a treatment plan. However, our clinic can perform all interventions. Write when you plan to visit and for how long.

Asks Florencia
Responsible Bedrik Ira

the panoramic radiograph the attached shipping, also yep well my bottom teeth are very crooked indeed, have advised me before the veneer, straightening with orthodontics: what is your opinion?

Because you think I should wear no crowns and veneers Composite?

I think the best would be:
1- straighten my bottom teeth with braces or whatever you think best.
2- add 2 implants (screws not want normal implant bridge blocks the wheels of both sides)

Allow a time and put veneers

You think? You can send the modified price ?
Thank you

Good afternoon, Florence!

In your case it would be the next treatment plan:
1. Install the brackets on the lower jaw (if necessary on the top).
2. Prepare a place for the implants instead of lost teeth 3.6. and 4.6.
3. Endodontic treatment of tooth 1.6.
4. Consider the possibility of moving the tooth 1.8. instead lost tooth 1.7.
5. Removal of tooth 2.8.

On your next visit
1. Remove the bracket
2. Installing the implants
3. Hold the result of orthodontic treatment
4. Installation of cosmetic pads on the front teeth (veneers or restoration)

The third visit
1. Prosthetics on implants

I describe to you the ideal treatment plan, only those procedures that are necessary for your health. Of course, there will be new nuances on internal konusultatsii but preliminary treatment plan such. In your case is very important installation of missing teeth, because the front teeth at the moment and exertion so abraded.

Asks Florencia
Responsible Bedrik Ira

good morning, I'm thinking of doing a treatment at your clinic, I want to wear crowns or veneers of white on the front, in order to have a perfect, white smile actresses, I also need a false tooth, I send a photo how I have my teeth, thank you and hope a budget and I need to know the time I need to do this .Thanks treatment

Good day!
Unfortunately, the photo that you have provided enough good quality, to plan treatment. But we do all kinds of work you listed. You can get a Hollywood smile. Price veneers and crowns in our clinic about 300 US dollars per unit. We carry out all work in the shortest possible time. You can plan your trip in the time convenient for you agreed with us in time for 2 to 3 weeks. If you have a better photo or x-rays of the teeth to hearing from you more information. Have a nice day, Irina!

Asks Peter
Responsible Bedrik Irina

I am just asking about the restoration of the teeth. Shall I send you the picture of my teeth? When is possible to come over there for treatment? Look forward to hear fron you.

Hello, Peter!
You can get in our clinic the whole range of dental services. We need a digital photo and x-rays of your teeth. We work exclusively by appointment. Added approximately 14 days in advance. Notify convenient for you to date treatment.
With best wishes, Iryna Bedryk.

Asks Zita
Responsible Bedrik Ira

Hello, My name is Zita, Lithuanian and i'm visiting Ukraine in a few weeks for my dental work. I'm looking for affordable prices, as i need to replace my old wear away crowns and bridges restore front surface of the front tooth with metal free crowns. I do not need implants. I will be in Ukraine for two weeks. I will need 26 non metal crowns to renovate full mouth. Please send me a list of price (non metal porcelane or zirconia only, i'm allergic to metal) and list of your services and approximate quote . Please let me know . I can speak Russian as well. I can provide an x-ray picture of my tooth Thank you very much

Hello, Zita!
Our clinic sets bezmetalovye crowns and crowns on zirconium oxide . We specialize in the aesthetics of the smile and offer a full course of rehabilitation for a really beautiful smile. For pre- rendering work , we need to hear from you radiograph. Below are the prices for orientrira :
Removing impressions for crowns 600.00 UAH  
Bezmetalovaya crown made of pressed ceramics 3000.00 UAH  
Ceramic crown on a frame made of zirconium oxide 3500.00  UAH
Cementation of crowns 350.00 UAH

To hearing from you by e-mail snapshot clinic.

Responsible Bedrik Ira

I have allready send u an email .I send u a panoramic picture and I am waiting news from u .ANDREAS MICHAELIDES.thanks

We received a call about the treatment and X-ray of your teeth. What is the amount of work you are interested in? You need a change of crowns and bridges on the teeth, you Intesa complete dentures? To complete the picture we need digital photos of teeth from different angles. Please send more information and photos of the teeth to the email address clinic. Thank you, Irina Bedrik.

Asks Alexey
Responsible Bedrik Irina

In May 2010 the stage II non-invading left renal cell carcinoma was removed. Т2N0M0. Based on abdominal ultrasonic the condition is OK now. On April, 1st 2013 while visiting the dentist acute submandibular submental lymphadenitis was diagnosed. Ultrasonic of regional lymph nodes on 01.04.2013. Description: In submandibular areas and along the main vessels of the left upper neck enlargement up to 15-20 mm is located|; lymph nodes without structural changes. – Orthopantomogram on 03.04.2013. Description: Digital orthopantomogram on 02.04.2013: partial upper and lower anodontia. Multiple fillings. Granulation periodontitis of the 13th, 15th, 26th tooth. Generalized periodontitis Stage 1-2. In projection of left lower alveolar portion at tooth 36-37 roots cyst enlightenment of bone tissue with rather clear lower contour is revealed; upper contour is not differentiated. Recommendations: Clarification of structural changes of the lower jaw is possible on CT. CT of the lower jaw on 07.04.2013. Description: EED - 0.9 mSv. Study according to the standard method. In the left departments of the lower jaw at the level of tooth 3.6, 3.7 the round osteolytic construction focus with clear contours size 12х12х10mm with soft tissue content is found. Cortical layer on the internal surface of the lower jaw on this site is not observed. Left surface and deep cervical lymph nodes are slightly larger than on the right. The largest one is on the left corner of the lower jaw: maximum size is 18.5mm. Asymmetry of soft tissue of oral bottom, and their thickening and consolidation on the left. Conclusion: Massive formation of the left oral bottom. Consolidation and thickening of soft tissue of the left departments of the oral bottom, left sialoadenitis? Consultation of the oncologist. The oncologist performed radiography of the lower jaw; the radiologist described left jaw metastasis. The oncologist referred for bone scintigraphy. OSTEOSCINTIGRAPHY on 11.04.2013 - Radiological drug Тc-99m pirfotex. Injection activity 700 mBq i.v. Effective equivalent dose 1.4 mSv. Conclusion: Study of skeletal bones under the program "All Body" no zones of pathological hyperfixation of radiological drug. Round site of increased accumulation of HAG  in left cranial projection (frontal bone?), in the left lower jaw. Kidneys are located in the typical place. The renal passage of radiological drug is not impaired. According to the technician performing OSTEOSCINTIGRAPHY, metastases are not visible. There is an inflammatory process. Metastases are defined when accumulation over 30 units but I have about 12 units in the frontal bone, and about 20 units in the left lower jaw. The oncologist performed skull X-ray, everything is OK. Consilium was planned.

Please, give an advice:

1. What is the possible diagnosis on the basis of the above examination?
2. What additional studies are required to make exact diagnosis and to find the cause of the condition (MRI, tests, general blood test, general urine analysis, puncture, histology etc.)?
3. What is the possible treatment?
4. Is treatment possible without surgery, radiation and chemotherapy?
5. What is the recent news in world practice treatment?
6. What medical institution can you recommend in Russia and abroad.
Thank you in advance,

Dear Alexey!
Your diagnosis is most likely to be “Acute submandibular submental lymphadenitis” associated with the cyst at tooth 36, 37. I’d like to see, of course, the panoramic picture and other tests if they are available digitally, but the reason is most likely to be in these teeth. I think, any consilium shall refer to oral cavity sanitation, and by results of sanitation continue follow-up or treatment. At present it is necessary to solve one strategic question: to delete or try to keep teeth 36, 37. Basically, at present the medicine performed great progress and it is practicable to keep tooth even at destroyed cortical plate if a tooth is steady. There are many questions arising from the pictures (the conclusion does not give all complete picture) and at objective examination. Note that three teeth 13,15,26 with periodontitis also aggravates the situation in the oral cavity.

In general management shall be as follows:

1. Consilium - it is necessary to listen to the opinion of doctors who can see you and examine you clinically (!!!) and have all documents, analyses etc.
2. Sanitation of oral cavity, yes, it shall be done, in particular, to treat root channels of all teeth which can  provoke reaction of lymph nodes. As the variant, these teeth can be removed, but at present you do not have all teeth, sooner or later the question “what can be used for chewing” will arise.
3. It is not necessary to perform prosthetics immediately, I will repeat it is important to remove infection from the root channels, the rest can wait a little.
4. By results of treatment of root channels operation on cyst removal at teeth 36,37. With preservation or removal of teeth 36,37?
5. Rehabilitation period with follow-up of lymph nodes reaction.
6. Constant prosthetics.
7. Naturally, at this time you shall be in constant contact with your oncologist, but I think, here it is the question of inflammatory process.
I cannot recommend you any clinic in Russia, but I am sure that there are such clinics and they can perform adequate work. If it is convenient to you, you can apply to the clinic in Ukraine (Kiev) under the program of stomatological tourism. We can plan your stay and treatment in as much as possible short terms. As a matter of fact, you must understand you need a skilled expert in treatment of root channels (better under microscope), a maxillofacial surgeon and a prosthetic surgeon in prospective. If you do not find a variant suitable for you in your region, we are ready to provide the above stated experts.
Yours faithfully,
Irina Bedrik
Chief Doctor of Dental Smile Center

Asks Ekaterina
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Hello Irina! Thanks for the answer, although I must admit I was upset about the need to extract the implants. I would like to keep them for now, especially since some Moscow prosthodontists find it possible if we remove the crowns from teeth 24 and 25 and take an x-ray. If everything is hopeless, then, of course, we’ll need an extraction. As for lower teeth 45 and 47 they said that prosthetics are possible after replanting bone tissue of the cheek area, where they stick out a little. Irina, do not think that I question your professionalism, I just really want to find the best and most non-judgemental way. Of course you need my personal presence, please tell me if it makes sense to come before the New Year and begin the work as I will be absent from December 29 to January 8 for the holidays. I phoned the clinic but did not catch you, I'll try again. Irina, I am very grateful for your concern. Thank you! Looking forward to your answer.

Hello Ekaterina! My purpose is to make work predictable and secure. I do not think you are interested in endless changes. As for the implants of teeth 24 and 25 I do not think that the x-ray will show the situation better than the existing CT. Replanting bone in the area of teeth 45 and 47? Does it make sense if the implants are still far from ideal. Again no guarantees.... I always try to offer the patient the most gentle way of treatment but our efforts are not always realised. Believe me, if there is a possibility to keep some implants I think we will take it. However I do not want to reassure you, "drag" you into the clinic and then moan and say "You know, the implants should be removed." I do not see any reason to come before the New Year and spoil your holidays with dental treatment. I'm not saying that it will be unpleasant and all will be bad, I want to exclude force majeure. I think it makes sense to start the treatment after the holidays; you can consider all the pluses and minuses, decide where you will be treated and then proceed. If you want to talk to me in person please call my mobile phone +38 067 468 67 76.

Asks Ekaterina
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Hello Irina, I'm still waiting for your comments, I worry that you might not remember about me? Can you create your treatment plan? Please reply to my email. Thank you in advance.

Hello Ekaterina! Your letter got lost, we get so many questions in emails. I think the most sensible option in your case is fixed prostheses!

1. Implants in the area of teeth 24 and 25 need to be extracted as the CT shows a process of rejection.

2. Implants in the area of teeth 45 and 47: the bone looks much better but they do not match the axis and the number of abutments, that’s why they can not be used for fixed prostheses. Extraction of these implants and screwing in of the new ones can not always be done during the same operation. If a surgeon can remove these implants, replant the necessary amount of bone tissue and screw in a new implant it would be a great perspective. If not, then during the operation the implants are retrieved, bone tissue replanted and a new implantation is delayed for several months.

3. You need the extraction of  teeth 16, 28, 38 and 48.

4. Treatment and retreatment of canals of teeth 17, 15, 13, 23, 26, 37, 35, 33, 43, 44.

5. Prosthetics of the upper jaw with fixed constructions (crowns). 9 pieces. I do not think that you need to start implantation on the upper jaw in the nearest future. You can get fixed constructions (crowns). Another thing to do is to replant the bone during extraction so that you can put implants  in at any moment in the future.

6. The lower jaw, if we can solve the problem with implants, will be fixed constructions (crowns), 7 pieces, and 3-4 crowns on implants. If the implantation is delayed dentures can be a temporary solution and implants later.

7. Restoration of the front teeth.

Approximate cost of work:

Root canal treatment of teeth about 12,000 hryvnia (US $ 1,500). Price is for all the teeth that need endodontic treatment.

Pins for the teeth under crowns about 4,000 hryvnia (US $ 500). Metal-ceramic crowns 16 pieces (impressions, cementing and crowns) 13,500 hryvnia (the equivalent of 1,700 US dollars ).

Clasp prosthesis 3,500 hryvnia (US $ 450) or implants in the area of extracted teeth 45, 46, 47. Four implants, first stage of implantation 16,000 hryvnia (2,000 US $),

the second stage of implantation 8,000 (1000) dollars, crowns on implants 7,000 hryvnia (US $ 900). Author’s restoration of 4 front teeth 2,800 hryvnia (US $ 350).

This calculation is approximate but it allows you to see the level of prices and the approximate amount for treatment.

This calculation does not include the cost of extraction of the implants and bone replanting and the cost of paradontium disease treatment (if necessary).

All prices are rounded up to the bigger number.

I apologize for the long silence.

Asks Ekaterina
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Hello Irina! Here is my x-ray, can’t send you the CT, they said it’s too big for a memory stick. I visited another implantologist and he said that implants were fine, of course I was a little relieved. What can your doctors say about a treatment plan made by a prosthodontist: retreatment: 1.5, 1.3, (1.7- root canal therapy), 4.4, 4.3; 3.3, 3.7, extraction: 1.6, 3.8? resection: 4.3, 4.4, 3.5? At Implant.ru I was told that they should be removed together with implants and insert new ones (8, 9 pieces). Of course I am in favour of the first option. Looking forward to your reply with the cost of work (ed. metal-ceramic, inlays, crowns on implants and restoration of the upper incisors). Ekaterina.

Hello Ekaterina! I can not say that the implants are installed correctly but I can not agree that it is necessary to insert new ones immediately after removing the old ones. Let us do it in order:

1. Implants in the area of teeth 24 and 25. I think they have to be extracted because there is a process of rejection. We need to look at the condition of the bone tissue around the implant on the CT.

2. Implants in the area of teeth 45 and 47 look much better but the algorithm of implant insertion is not right, it does not comply with the axis and number of abutments. For prosthetics you need additional implants assuming that the CT shows satisfactory condition of the bone, a clinical examination of the implants is ok and the prosthodontist can cope with the slope of the implant of tooth 45.

3. During implant removal a defect in the bone should be closed with an "artificial bone", some time should pass and then the decision made on re-implantation (if necessary).

4. You need the extraction of teeth 16, 28, 38 and 48.

5. Treatment and retreatment of canals of teeth 17, 15, 13, 23, 26, 37, 35, 33, 43, 44.

6. Bite shape?

7. Restoration of the upper jaw with fixed constructions (crowns (9 pieces).

8. The lower jaw, if we can solve the problem with implants they will be fixed constructions (crowns), 7 pieces, and 3-4 crowns on implants.

9. Restoration of the front teeth.

To make a final plan we need the CT, the file is really big but it can be placed on the Internet and the link sent to us. After we receive the CT we adjust the treatment plan and draw a preliminary financial plan. Approximate prices are on the website, they are all correct.

Asks Ekaterina
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Hello Irina! I need the advice of professionals (orthodontist, implantologist, surgeon and dentist). Here is the result of the consultation with the implantologist I visited today: to extract 4 teeth and 4 implants (done incorrectly), insert new implants during the same operation under anesthetic (8 or 9 pieces), in 6 teeth, check the canals under the old crowns and stump whole piece inlays. Making new crowns for all this (16-17 pieces). There is not enough bone material in the upper jaw, it should be built up as you can see in the CT image taken today. In addition, restoration of 4 upper front teeth or crowns as teeth 2 are in terrible condition. As you can see I'm desperate to be honest. I’ve had prosthetics for 20 years with 5 dentists and everyone made a "contribution" to the destruction of my teeth (8 teeth are absent). I beg you for understanding, I need the best and experienced professionals. Best regards, Ekaterina. Waiting for your reply.

Hello Ekaterina! From your story it is clear that the amount of work is simply huge. To obtain a consultation with the above mentioned professionals you need a panoramic image and the CT that you’ve already done. If you have digital images of the teeth they will be useful to us. I just do not understand why you need to remove 4 implants and immediately insert 8 or 9 new ones. I think the answers to these questions are on the X-ray image. We look forward to the panoramic image and the CT. Best regards, Irina Bedrik.

Asks Sergey
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Hello. I am looking for a clinic in Kiev where my mother can do all her teeth. She wants to replace all the teeth at once (details later if you are interested). Can you do it in 1 month and is it possible to do it for around the 3-5 thousand euros? Thank you.

Hello Sergey! In a month we can do a lot in the mouth but it is difficult to take a job without knowing the approximate amount of work, especially to estimate it in terms of money. We are ready to do any amount of work but to meet your expectations we need an orthopantogram of all teeth. Only then will we be able to offer preliminary treatment plan and discuss the estimated cost of work.

Asks Aleksey
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Thank you. We are from St. Petersburg, we visited three clinics and they all said they have to extract teeth and put in prostheses then if possible put in the implants. I would like to know the financial side: how much will it cost and how long will it take? Thank you.

Good morning Aleksey! Removal of all the teeth will make prosthetics of upper and lower jaw easier and more difficult at the same time. First, it is morally difficult to lose all the teeth at the age of 35, second, it is difficult to adapt to complete dentures. The policy of our clinic is to preserve teeth and do quality prosthetic work. I must say that keeping your teeth will be more expensive than complete extraction. If we talk about complete extraction of the teeth you will need a period of time for rehabilitation and healing. The production of two dentures in the clinic will cost approximately 4,000 hryvnia (the equivalent of 500 US dollars).

Asks Aida
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Hello, I'm interested in the restoration of the front (about 16) teeth. I live in Almaty and plan to go to Kiev on August 23 for 3 days. Is it possible to do it in your clinic or at least have a consultation and prepare for the future restoration? If necessary I can come again. What do you suggest in my case and what are your prices? Thank you, Aida.

Hello Aida! You can be examined in the clinic on the 23th of August. If we can solve your problem in three days we'll try to help you and restore your teeth. If the restoration requires prior preparation we will do it during your first visit and do the restoration during your next visit to Ukraine. The restoration of one tooth may take 1 to 2 hours depending on the complexity of work. The cost of restoration ranges from 400 to 700 hryvnia (equivalent to 50 - 90 US dollars or 40 - 70 euros). To make an appointment for the consultation with the Chief dentist of the Dental Smile Center you need to tell us the exact date and time of your visit, surname, first name, middle name and phone number. If you have any x-rays and/or images please send to the e-mail of the clinic admin@smile-center.com.ua

Asks Ludmila
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Hello! I live in Russia. Here is the x-ray of my terrible teeth. I had them done 10 years ago. I am looking for a clinic where I can have them fixed: first treat the upper teeth (it’s necessary as I was told) and put in metal-ceramics. It all depends on the price. I just don’t know what can be done in my case, inlays or facings; dentists say different things. I would like to know what exactly. What is a composite pin or fiberglass? I was told that my metal pins destroyed all my teeth, so I want something different. Please calculate the cost of:

1. removing all this ugliness

2. treatment

3. wisdom tooth extraction

4. non-metal pins

5. metal-ceramics 12 pieces and everything else.

As you understand I need to calculate the budget. I had a resection of one tooth root done last year. Do you have discounts because I have a lot to do. One more question: if I pay directly for the work can I pay without taxes? Later I will come to have my lower teeth done. Looking forward to your reply. Ludmila, 53 years.

Hello Ludmila! You will need difficult and unpredictable prosthetic work. We understand that you have limited financial resources and want to know the cost of the work but it is not possible to calculate exactly all costs.

First of all I would like to clarify a few details:

1. You will need prosthetics of the upper and lower jaws. I think our clinic is not the first one that recommends doing both jaws.

2. It’s not that easy to replace all metal pins with fiberglass and can even be very difficult. At first the metal pins must be removed from the teeth so we will need to work with ultrasound etc. There is a great risk that the teeth may crack or even break and then we can speak only about extraction. Of course if the pins is not long there should be no difficulties.

3. I can’t say that metal pins destroy the teeth. However improper installation of metal or fiberglass pin can reduce the lifetime of the tooth.

4. You can find information about pins here: http://www.smile-center.com.ua/stiftstekl.html and you can read about fiberglass pins here and here.

5. In many teeth we will need to re-treat the root canals which is a problem in itself and taking into account the need to remove stump inlays you can imagine the amount of work.

6. If we calculate the cost of the prosthetic work in the upper jaw we get the following sum: hrn

Metal-ceramic crowns 12 pieces x 750.00 = 9,000.00 hrn.

Cementing of metal crowns 10 pieces x 120.00 = 1,200.00 hrn.

Fiberglass pins including cementing (although we are not sure that all the pins should be replaced with fiberglass pins, this issue requires further discussion) 10 pieces x 250.00 = 2,500.00 hrn.

Impressions for crowns, silicone A 2 pieces x 200.00 = 400.00 hrn.

Bite block 2 pieces x 100.00 = 200.00 hrn.

Removing of the old crowns 14 pieces x 50.00 = 700.00 hrn. Total 14,000.00 hryvnia (equivalent to about 1,750 US $). This amount does not include preparatory work for treatment of abutment teeth. There is a discount system, if the amount exceeds 15,000 hryvnia you can get 15% discount on the therapeutic work. Do you have any questions? We are happy to explain everything! Chief dentist of the Dental Smile Center Bedrik Irina Alekseevna.

Asks Andrey
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Hello! I would like to become a client of your clinic. I'm interested in a few things. I live in Moscow. Do you have a representative office in Moscow?

Hello! Dental Smile Center has offices in Moscow but we are working on the program of "Dental tourism". All information is on the website Dental Tourism.

Asks Valeria
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Ladies and gentlemen, I live abroad and would like to come to have braces (ceramic or metal) for 2 wisdom teeth, lower and upper on one side because they are crooked and interfere with the bite.The roots are straight, I have X-rays.

- can it be done in 3-5 days?

- if yes what about the adjustment of braces later, does this make sense?

- the estimated cost of all? Thank you in advance.


Hello Valeria!

It would be ideal if you could send us the X-ray and a digital photo of the teeth. We can make a treatment plan. Based on your request we can conclude that you need the following work:

To extract two wisdom teeth because of which you’ll need.

• To prepare you for the fitting of braces (perhaps you will need cleaning and treatment of some teeth).

• To install braces.

• To activate braces.

• During your next visit to Ukraine remove the system and fix the result.

• To remove braces.

To fix the results of orthodontic treatment.

We’ve done similar work before, we had orthodontic patients who only needed 2 visits to our clinic. Visit 1 - installation of braces, visit 2 - removal of braces. Some complex cases require one intermediate visit. Complexity of the case can be determined according to X-rays and digital images. The dates of your visits are ok for us, the more days you can spend with us the better you tolerate treatment, because activation of the braces can cause some soreness.

For calculations please provide x-rays and decide on the type of braces.

Chief Doctor of the Dental Smile Center Bedrik Irina Alekseevna.

Asks Olga
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Irina Alekseevna, I'm really interested in all the conditions and privileges of the dental tourism. I do not have an X-ray in electronic form but yesterday I was in the clinic "All friends" where I had a plan of treatment and prosthetics done. At the moment I'm interested in the prices at your clinic, accommodation and a second visit for platinization. What are the treatment guarantees if problems occur? How long should I stay for implantation and prosthetics? According to the program drawn up by dentists of our clinic in St. Petersburg I need 8 implants (4 upper, 4 lower), two artificial teeth on implants (upper), two crowns with the treatment of 2 front teeth (1-1) and a nylon prosthesis. I would be grateful for your detailed reply. Approximate dates of arrival (February-March 2012.) Sincerely yours, Olga.

Hello Olga! We do not quite understand the full-scaled picture and the potential amount of work. You may be able to provide additional information... For example you have indicated that you want to install eight implants including two crowns on implants. What will cover the rest of the implants? In the case of implants you can avoid dentures but you were offered a nylon prosthesis. Do they mean prosthesis supported by implants? As a dentist I don’t understand what kind of work is planned. If you have x-rays in electronic form many questions will be answered. Without it it’s difficult to make calculations. The prices shown on our website are fully correct. While planning the implantation we think that the best option would be two-stage implantation. That is, you need 2 visits to Ukraine. Timing will depend on the amount and complexity of work. Our clinic guarantees the quality of any work. Olga, we expect a detailed description of the work. Then we can talk more specifically about the financial side and timing. Chief Dentist of the Dental Smile Center Bedrik Irina Alekseevna.

Asks Hanna
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Hello! I am currently abroad but I am very interested in the information about metal-free prostheses. 9 years ago I had this procedure done on almost all my teeth abroad. Crowns became dark and blue. I would like to replace the front upper crowns for new ones. I would like to know the prices and duration of procedures for 8 teeth.

Our dental clinic offers all kinds of aesthetic dentistry including prosthetics. The technical part can be done in five days. Unfortunately it is not clear how much time we need to prepare your teeth for prosthetics. Terms of preparation for prosthetics can range from one day to several weeks. Of course this is rarely the case, only in the case of complex inflammatory processes but this is not to be ruled out. We can discuss exact terms if you have x-rays of the teeth or panoramic images. The cost of work may vary from 1,500 to 3,500 hryvnia, the equivalent of US $ 190-440 or 130-300 euros. Price depends on the material of ceramics: pressed ceramics, ceramic based on zirconium oxide or aluminum oxide etc. We need more information for calculations.

Sincerely yours, Chief Dentist of the Dental Smile Center Bedrik Irina Alekseevna.

Asks Natalia
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Hello, I live in Ivano-Frankovsk and would like to have prosthetics, restoration and complex dental treatment done quickly. Is it possible to get an online consultation on skype as I have a lot of questions.

You can ask a clinic administrator and dentists of the Dental Smile Center all your questions. Dental Smile Center Administrator’s

Skype: adminstomat Dental Smile Center dentist’s

Skype: smile-center

Asks Vladimir
Responsible Bedrik Irina

I’m going to your country for treatment with quite a big sum of money but I don’t want to travel with cash. Can I pay with traveler’s checks? They are accepted all over the world. Hope they are accepted in Ukraine but want to get your confirmation. Thank you in advance.

Hello Vladimir!

You can bring traveler's checks instead of cash but before paying to our clinic you’ll need to cash them at the bank. Banks charge a small commission but it is standard practice in the world. Before the trip please specify what checks you have so that we can suggest the nearest bank for your convenience. Please don’t forget to call the clinic and confirm the date of your visit in advance.

Asks R.Ostovar
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Dear Doctor, I would like to visit your dental clinic for installation of several implants and crowns (2-4 teeth). I want to ask you some questions about the dental services you offer. First, how many days will it take to do these procedures and when can I come? I'm not from Kiev and I will need to book my trip and accommodation in advance. I'm going to Kiev after August 15 and I would like to do it as quickly as possible. Second, if possible, I would like to know the approximate cost of the treatment. Thank you in advance. Sincerely yours, R. Ostovar

Dear R. Ostovar! Dental Smile Center can do all the above mentioned procedures within your dental tourism program. Timing depends on your clinical situation. The clinic could provide you with the terms of treatment if you give more information. In this case a panoramic picture (orthopantomogram) is the most informative. If you don’t have an image of all your teeth try to describe the situation in your mouth. Which teeth do you want to implant, upper or lower jaw? Did you consult our colleagues? What crowns do you want to install? Having additional information we will be able to describe the approximate terms of treatment and calculate the estimated cost. The cost of treatment is fully consistent with the prices section on our website, as well as Dental Travel Agency website. Waiting for your further information. Sincerely yours, Chief Dentist Bedrik Irina Alekseevna.

Asks Lomazhuk Irina Nikolaevna
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Hello, currently I live in Greece. In August I plan to come to Ukraine and get a Hollywood smile. Can you tell me how much it will cost to put a crown on each tooth using the best materials? What are the guarantees?

Hello, Irina! Dental Smile Center offers a 3 years guarantee for prosthetics. Prices for ceramic crowns are different depending on the material you choose.

For example a metal-ceramic crown - 700 hryvnia;

Ceramics based on aluminum oxide – 1,500 hryvnia;

Metal-free ceramics on zirconium oxide – 2,000 hryvnia.

Every kind of work has its indications and the most expensive one is not always the best in the particular situation. The price is for a single unit without preparation of the tooth. By the way, to have a Hollywood smile you do not necessarily need a crown on each tooth. Some teeth can be restored or whitened. For more accurate diagnosis we require a panoramic image. If it’s not possible you can take a digital image of the teeth. In this case any additional information will help us to offer you the most appropriate treatment option. Which date in August do you plan to come to Ukraine? Patients are already booking their treatment on the program of Dental Tourism. We are waiting for any additional information.

Asks Alexander Kaplunovsky
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am interested in having dentures (full upper and lower jaw). I am interested in the price and terms of manufacturing. I can come to your city in the end of June. How long will it take to manufacture and fit them? Thank you, Alexander Kaplunovsky, Israel.

The cost of full dentures ranges from 1,700 to 3,100 UAH depending on the material for one denture (the equivalent of $ 210-390). Terms of manufacturing are 5 days. However fixation of the lower full denture is not always satisfactory. Atrophy of the bone tissue of the gums can be significant and does not allow secure fixing of the denture plus a small area of the denture of the lower jaw and mobility of the tissue floor of the mouth, tongue etc. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to improve the condition of the lower jaw denture, change the shape of the gum (surgically) or pre-implant with the creation of additional elements to secure the denture (telescopic fixation, different types of bar-fixation, clamp fixation...). It can take extra time and increase the cost of the denture. If you do not need those interventions the above stated amount will be enough.

Asks Boris
Responsible Bedrik Irina

Hello! I will be in Kiev on April 19, is it possible to prepare 4 front upper and 4 bottom teeth and put metal-ceramics on them by May 1? What is the price in euros? If it’s acceptable I will book for April 20.

Hello, Boris! It’s very difficult to calculate preparation because we do not know the amount of work ahead. Metal-ceramic crowns - 600 euros. Preparation for prosthetics takes approximately another 500 euros. By preparation we mean a standard procedure, instrumental and drug treatment of the root canals of 8 teeth, sealing the root canals of 8 teeth, fiberglass pins in eight teeth and restoration with photopolymer materials for prosthetics of 8 teeth. Most likely you will not need all of the procedures so the amount can be reduced. In the attached file you can see the cost of each procedure. As the calculation was made in UAH we took the exchange rate of 11 hryvnia. Of course it is a preliminary calculation and it can vary in either direction. X-rays would help to make a precise calculation. If you have them please send them to us for a review.

Asks Mila
Responsible Bedrik Irina

I'll be in Kiev for only two weeks in late April-early May. Could you estimate how long the treatment will take by looking at x-rays? Please give me an address where I can send the images. Thank you.

Hello Mila! Our clinic specializes in the treatment of dental tourists. You can send us images on the basis of which we make a preliminary treatment plan, negotiate the approximate amount of treatment and duration of treatment. 14 days is a long time for this kind of treatment, I think we can help you under these terms. If you do have a digital picture of your front teeth it will help us make the right decision. You can send pictures to admin@smile-center.com.ua, the Chief dentist and your dentist will analyze them. Waiting for the information on the condition of your teeth.

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